A quick post about interstellar tradertongues, or the sort of conlangs that are built to facilitate communication when the only things agreed upon are fundamental constants, physical reality, and math: irradiate-space.tumblr.com/pos

The sequel to the Gay Fanfiction Problem: writing about a single person who goes by 'they' interacting with a group

when i die i want my obituary to list all the domain names i controlled and for how long


Look at this article about a minor character in a TV show. I've seen shorter articles for entire TV shows.

Does anyone have recommendations for a good print-on-demand service for a 200-something-page paperback?

I was previously looking at Ka-Blam, but their website is pretty clunky and prone to frustrating bugs

I’ve heard good things about Mixam, but I don’t think they do paperbacks of this size, and their hardcover options are way too expensive

Writing ideas, weird alien gender politics 

Story idea I’m workshopping: a princess of some weird space polity in self-imposed exile, who was born as (some other gender) but was considered female in her capacity as royalty; she turned out to actually *be* a trans girl, but has some tension between “gender euphoria” and “dredging up bad associations”

Mobile Suit #Gundam: High Frontier is the coolest and most comprehensive look, available in English, at the Universal Century setting as a place where people live and not just a colorful backdrop.

The Universal Century setting was built by scifi and space nerds in the late 70s. It's built on ideas that were entirely earnest proposals for how humans could live and work in space. High Frontier looks at those ideas and how they are implemented in the Universal Century.


Dunno how they did it, but AGE manages to hit some of the same soundtrack notes as Band of Brothers, in an appropriate but unexpected way.

Fanart by me of @cryptovexillologist 's excellent scifi serial "Mission Critical": a political cartoon criticizing the Earth Restoration Agency's plans to colonize the habitable exoplanet Malang.

Read her story here: archiveofourown.org/works/2334

Elegant assonance is great and all, but sometimes you just gotta write "sporadically-burbling geysers"

Making terrain progress for this city illustration. But I have no real idea how to get color or shading in , especially if the setting sun's light will be coming from down-valley, to the bottom-right of this image.

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Section 3 of 4 is up! (change of plans, just felt like I had a good chunk of it and it’s been a while.) In which we encounter many alien flora and more frustrated AI feelings.


Read from the beginning here! archiveofourown.org/works/2334

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Learning Blender lowpoly modeling and sculpting to get a better terrain reference for this city, because building a huge 1 inch to 100 foot scale model in the workroom floor just isn't high-fidelity enough.
That scale works out to 1 Lego stud to 20 feet, and that's an awkward scale to build Lego buildings in to populate the city. It's also hard to place buildings on sloped cardboard/cloth hills.

So, back to Blender, and converting low-fidelity topo maps to terrain.

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In my continued quest to understand , I've at last finished watching ZZ.
For a break, I watched Gundam F91, which focuses on the scheme to establish Cosmo Babylonia. It feels thematically related to Zeon, but there's no explicit Zeonism. Yet I wonder if I should include it in this review of Zeonism.

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