New keyboard and a brainful of ideas means more writing and photo editing this weekend, woohoo

This territory has probably been covered before, but makes a lot more sense if humans were newcomers to this world, and are using Trainers as a method of keeping the indigenous species under control.

There's a three-by-three grid. One axis is the standard lawful/neutral/chaotic. On the other axis, at least one of the items has something to do with . What are the items on that axis?

Early-story minor spoilers for Char's Counterattack/Beltorchika's Children Show more

After reading Beltorchika's Children, and after rewatching Char's Counterattack, I'm still undecided on whether Bright Noa looked better with or without a beard.

The timeline where "Information Superhighway" got abbreviated to "InfoSüp" and became the most common name for the internet

It's easy enough to design clothes that are modest in gravity and immodest in freefall: the cloth drapes to hide the immodest areas.

Is it possible to do the opposite, to have clothes modest in freefall but immodest in gravity?

What is the meaningful difference between "boy in a dress" and "man in a dress", assuming that the only significance of the dress is that it is being worn by the person?

How do superheroes and fighter pilots go to the toilet? Peeps with dicks can whip them out from the fly and pee, but that doesn't work for those without, or to poop. Do superhero unitards have hidden zippers that let wearers drop trou, or do they have to pull their arms out of the sleeves, shrug out of the top, and roll the whole thing down?

Setting idea: in a world complacently dependent on magic for all its tech and infrastructure, someone has just invented a purely mechanical anti-magic beacon that can be cheaply mass-produced

However, it doesn't block really weird (and dangerous and illegal) forms of magic, and those folks are also angry with the status quo

Magic proficiency doesn't go by any rules of heredity; is a birth lottery better or worse than industrial wealth accumulation?

Makin' a map for a wildly feature-creeped school project

This world is tidally locked, and the only relief from the brutal sun is eclipses, controlled by the clergy of the Imperium of the Crescent Sun

The Imperium's capital city is up top, the subordinate farming lands of Umsa are at the bottom left, various desert nomads are at the bottom right, and the ellipses show eclipse coverage from the various moons

idea: a session with no DMs, just players determining where to go based on the dice and a rough plot (maybe a pre-existing module). Whoever rolled lowest/highest on initiative (rolled, not plus modifiers) runs the enemies for any given encounter.

What if that one "Youkoso Jyapariparke" fan-dubbed Destiny 2 trailer described a race of mechanocytic beings that must maintain coordination in order to not fall apart? In this post, I elaborate upon the ideas, and suggest some video game mechanics.

Does anyone have recommendations for web fonts that can be served from your own server, rather than Google Fonts or Typekit? Something freely licensed, por favor.

Setting idea: Barbarians are basically pop-punk

Everyone has a "barbarian" phase as a teenager, there's a Hot Topic analogue, and it's all just sellouts accusing sellouts of being sellouts

Meanwhile, the "real" barbarians are basically Amish, and don't know or care about any of that

Sometime I should figure out how to build an RSS feed in Jekyll.

Hmm. It's quite possible that Mycroft Canner's narration style is growing on me. My last three stories in order written: Has an appeal to the reader. Was a second-person directly addressing the reader. The author is present in the story being told as "I" and writes for "you".

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