Accepting the hypothesis that post offices are liminal spaces, where checking your PO Box is an overlap and a boundary between times and places, what does it mean that someone else was in there, checking their mail, when I was?

Days later: I have reread Openo/Restrictes and am performing additional research into the subjects discussed in the dialogue that I had written, in an effort to make the dialogue more in-character, because nothing says Openo and Restrictes like reciting well-researched paragraphs at each other.

The first person in Westeros to invent hats or medieval hoods, and sell them in Winter, would make so much money they could buy King's Landing.

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Last night, we came up with a Hot Take Woke Reboot of Carmen Sandiego, which I will have to write up. It has been forever since I played those games, but this reboot seems marketable.

An attempted typology of movie design:

- Punctuation and bridging for start/end of scenes
- Emotional cueing: as background noise
- Thematic cueing: e.g., this scene is about the elves, not about the men, since the elvish motif is used
- Commentary upon the scene
- Ironic immersion-busting

🤔 Star Wars is the Tolkien of modern science fiction.

"Tolkien appears in the fantasy universe in the same way that Mount Fuji appeared in old Japanese prints. Sometimes small, in the distance, and sometimes big and close-to, and sometimes not there at all, and that’s because the artist is standing on Mount Fuji." — Terry Pratchett

gosh dang it, I need to go read all the Openo/Restrictes dialogues if I'm going to write this next skit in character.

Here, have some content that deals with US Politics:

Media Hot Take: every film/play should cast total unknowns, unless it's very specifically referencing the real-world baggage of the actors involved

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@KittyUnpretty you may have heard this by now, but with regards to your https woes on the WordPress site, in Dashboard > Settings > General, check that the home and site URLs both have https protocols.

Charlie Stross, again with the tropes, this time as a taxonomy of cliches.
If you liked things in the "Falsehoods about names" genre, collected at, then the antipope link above is for you.

This is an interesting take on : Most writers do one thing well, and you can bend that thing to help cover for the things you don't do well.

- setting
- characterization
- plot structure
- dialog
- prose rhythm
- pacing
- stamina
- theme

What I'm hearing at work is: Stitch the tiles together, do the art, and then build a pipeline that breaks the tiles apart via tools. Use for roads, rivers, map labels, etc.

Map editing question: Is there a tool that will let me draw lines across multiple separate images, as seen in this screenshot? The images are separate tiles of a .js , and I'd like continuity of linework between them without having to count pixels. Preferably without having to manually place images.

Alternately, like the Von Trapp kids, they do it in formalwear during a high society birthday party for Bruce Wayne, and replace "Gaston" with "Bruce Wayne"

@KittyUnpretty an idea that you are free to run with: the Batkids put on a rendition of "No one fights like Gaston" but replace Gaston with Batman

No one fights like Batman
Douses lights like Batman
Runs around in the dark wearing tights like Batman

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