Hello! I’m moving here from comicscamp.club, after my webcomic ended and I took up a much more text-centric writing blog.

I’ll get settled in here properly as soon as I’m not on the way home from getting groceries!

"Model Minority" by Cory Doctorow is one of the more-interesting pieces of Superman I've read recently. It uses Bruce more as a Stark than a Batman, and sets the Superman pastiche as newly woke.

just once i wanna watch an anime with this in place of the standard utterly predictable reveal 😩

"We reverse-engineered the alien mecha. We found… it has no human DNA whatsoever. It has no DNA. It's a robot. It's made of robot parts. You can't clone it or have babies with it. You might be able to fall in love with it, but we do not believe it will be reciprocated. Also we had trouble interfacing with the alien controls, so… yes, you in the back?"

"Genetically modified a bunch of traumatized children to sync with the alien technology?"

"What? Good God, no. It was mostly ergonomics and translation work. We put in a couple of trackballs, a Dual Shock 4, a more comfortable chair, and a whole bunch of sticky labels. Yes. You again?"

"What role will fighting spirit and/or sexual frustration serve in combat tactics?"

"SECURITY! Someone get this guy outta here!"

nsfw metaphor 

Aha. The story the video reminded me of was "A Tragedy of Errors" By Poul Anderson, about Roan Tom and his wives.

commentary upon mildly nsfw music video 

If the truck had propellors, Henry, we'd've named the company Swim.

The soundtrack for Evan Dahm's Island Book is a neat thing. Imagine a book having a soundtrack, sold on cassette tape! rice-boy.com/islandbook/

(I bought the tape because it has a free digital download, too)

blood, free ideas for a story 

blood, free ideas for a story 

*leaves my harddrive unencrypted* "For the historians.", I whisper.

Plot bunny up for adoption:
A resident of a resource-poor space colony accidentally kills a member of another space colony. Intercolony common law holds that the killer's colpny must pay the cost of training a replacement for the deceased, who in this case was a centenarian veteran ecological system analyst. Weregild would be 100 years' common rations, plus training materials for an expensive occupation.

i finally updated that fic i started like a year ago about batman and superman going on a fishing trip, so now it ends on a cliffhanger whoops



The "is colonization of space the same sort of colonization as Europe entering Africa or the Americas, and how does that affect how we should colonize space?" discourse on Tumblr has been great to watch. And now I wonder how my friends think of it.

🎶 She's an ENIAC, ENIAC on the floor 🎶
🎵 And she's Turing like she's never Tur-ed before 🎵

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