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"Handbook of Astronautical Design Supplement: Humanoid Accessory Craft" by J.K. MacBride and Jacaranda Q Lovell, published by McGraw-Asteroid in 2454. This supplement to MacBride's classic "Handbook of Astronautical Design" focuses on spaceship ergonomics for humaniform mobile weapons.

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5092 words, and there's a squirrel going full meerkat in my yard with an acorn in his mouth.

I received some useful advice over at on how to resolve last toot's question. I'll probably go back through this story once it's done and fill in bits of the MC's thought processes.

However, because of how classical probability informs narrative probability, in situations where narrative probability holds sway, the likelihood of an event happening increases as it gains more Zeroes of Improbability

Concept: Zeroes of Improbability

Like the Nines of Uptime/Availability (, Zeroes of Improbability are a measure of how improbable an event is, using classical probability.

The Zeroes number for a probability is the number of left-sided zeroes in the probability when presented as a decimal <= 1:

1.0: zero zeroes
0.9: 1 zero
0.0000000001: 10 zeroes of improbability

@muffinista @muffinista A mod question for you: Would either of your instances be a good place for me to set up a "corporate" account for a fictional library, similar to ? A place where a "library" would primarily post new "books" in its collection, where the books and the library are fictional?

The USA ESTA application website offers an example image of a passport page in order to find the different data fields. In this example image the country stated is Utopia, and the nationality Utopian.

Well, for such a website I found this to be a nice touch.

Also, the place of birth of imaginary Utopian citizen Anna Maria is the city of Zenith. And her signature is so sweet. Someone has been thinking conceptually here too.

on schemes of dubious legality 

Free plot idea: An enclosed O'Neill cylinder-type space colony (no windows) where all the clocks are networked, where the colony admin has been speeding up the network clock as an experiment on the human psyche, to see what happens when humans live a few fewer hours to the day. But one of the colonists has a mechanical clock....

4564 words, and we've reached the point in the process where dream logic has surrendered to rational actors, but now I need to decide how the character escapes a convention center:

free dialogue line for the taking 

Parhelion Update!

Presenting my favorite Farouz line in the whole chapter.

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#MastoArt #Webcomics

minor Terra Ignota spoilers. 

it's our problem-free
International Phonetic Alphabet

@phildini @Annalee A mod question for you: Would be a good place for me to set up a "corporate" account for a fictional library similar to ? A place where a "library" could post about new "books" in its collection, where the books and the library are fictional?

Some additional context for this question is at

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