Stellar Elegy, the sequel to Mission Critical, has begun!

Player Six enters the game, and the crew attempts to have one last normal day.

Read Mission Critical here:

I am running an Authorial AMA next Friday! Ask me anything you want about Mission Critical (or anything else), and at the end of the night I will post and read-aloud the first chapter of the sequel, Stellar Elegy!

More details here:

we discovered the cosmic background radiation was not random, but encrypted

I am worldbuilding and trying to write a book about a world where society is made for autistics rather than neurotypicals. Would you all be willing to answer this survey for me and share it with any other neurodivers people that you know?

#autistic #autism #neurodivers #neurodiversity #worldbuilding

Has anyone set up a image-tagging webserver for personal photo archiving use? I've got decades of digital photos that might be nice to organize, but I'd rather not pay the normal clouds for it, and folder-based doesn't seem as useful as tag-based.

It's the first work in what became a series, so it gets a pass, but I'm still surprised at how little there is in the Mobile Suit TV show. It is not at all concerned with the ideology of the enemy.

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To the well-organized fandom, the death of the author is but the next great adventure.

every dead project is a stepping stone to a finished one

I suppose that, after making an announcement about changes to a website, I should actually follow through and deploy them, huh?

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New short story:

This is the story of a guy going about his job, doing what's needed and necessary in accordance with regulations.

Bless Hussie. His troll relationship concepts have given me the words to describe what happens in Char's Counterattack. With auspistice Lalah dead, the ashen romance between Char and Amuro deepens to a pitch-black kismesissitude, and with their relationship, so too does the state of the Earth Sphere.

Here's the latest stage of my thoughts on in :

Still incomplete, but with a better grasp of where I am in the process, and what's next.

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I sat down to try to draw some conclusions from my research on in , and, well, there's still a lot of stuff to research. I'm at a point where I need to either read or watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam, as well as rewatch half a dozen other things, just to fill in the gaps.

I thought I was farther.

While brushing my teeth the other day, I figured out how to publish the X-rated version of the Magical Youth Particle Zoo (working title for setting) story without putting it on a site that family members are likely to innocently stumble across, like if I published it on

The solution is to post it to AO3 as fanfiction of my own story.

And since I'm crossposting Tumblr stuff here, have a post about a for a shared architecture of the Imperial spaceship fleet and space station construction, as depicted in Ann Leckie's Ancillary trilogy:

A quick post about interstellar tradertongues, or the sort of conlangs that are built to facilitate communication when the only things agreed upon are fundamental constants, physical reality, and math:

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