Little Shop of Horrors, but it's a pizzeria 

Body modifications (positive) 

@SuricrasiaOnline Is Blackle's preferred title Miss, Ms., Mrs., or something else? For use in the sentence:

To quote ____ Blackle Mori, many-armed shark girl, "ehehe arms"

Pounded out over this weekend, a story about the people who survived, when a soldier stayed behind:

Content warnings: death, destruction, .

Looking back on the last few weeks, most of my fiction writing has come from being nerdsniped.

And most of my nonfiction has similarly come from being nerdsniped.

I need to work on writing things that come from not being nerdsniped.

This week: the Varrun Matriarchate, a feudal society of castes, blood types, gender, family lineage, and more.

Now on Patreon: Luowonii Bakru Vo, a Chaperone politician eager to reassert power.

Armchair socio-political analysis 

It's Blade Runner Day, which means I get to re-up this joke story about US politics and turtles:

An exhaustively-plotted, poorly-researched, somewhat-thought-out delve into cultures and memes forming the Hives in , with a particular focus on the SF Bay Area memespace:

A post in which I play with .

That 5800-word story is now 6000 words, and I'm looking at it again today, and am amused/saddened by the date on the story of June 16. It probably won't be done until Christmas.

star wars 9 trailer 

Do you spell it

Hi there if you are in America I suggest you ASAP contact your congressperson and ask them to oppose the CASE act, a weird copyright bill being voted on tomorrow


Verge article:

Short version: Now in addition to normal courts plus the DMCA there'd be this new weird copyright quasi-court. By my read if notice is served and you don't respond within 60 days you could get hit with a $15,000 fine as default judgement. Sounds really easy to abuse.

An interesting thing in Questionable Content at the moment is various humanoid AIs' bodies' joints. Melon and May have seams at neck and other joints. Roko's new body has a visible neck seam, but not others. Yay Newfriend, as far as we can tell, does not have seams. Does this mean that Yay Newfriend has a more-advanced body? Or just different aesthetic preferences?

Now on the Solar Symposium, the Gwo Hive, five insectoid castes at war post-uplift

On Patreon: the Dead Hand Garrison, a fortress frozen in a very cold war.

#MastoArt #Writing

Hello! I’m moving here from, after my webcomic ended and I took up a much more text-centric writing blog.

I’ll get settled in here properly as soon as I’m not on the way home from getting groceries!

"Model Minority" by Cory Doctorow is one of the more-interesting pieces of Superman I've read recently. It uses Bruce more as a Stark than a Batman, and sets the Superman pastiche as newly woke.

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