I just now realized what this setting is missing: con badges.

??????, y2k 

Like, I have the map image, distorted to EPSG:102009, the North American Lambert Conformal Conic projection. And I have a script that should be breaking that image into tiles. But either the tiles or the map are borked, and I'm leaning towards it being the tiles.

Non-Web-Mercator projections continue to be an exercise in frustration.

Now I'm doubting the wisdom of making this map in Web Mercator, because for a map that spans roughly Alaska to Florida, there's a lot of distortion of Alaska and its panhandle.
A rotated Lambert Conformal Conic map would make more sense for this North America map.

But really, I'm doubting the wisdom of making this use any real latlong instead of just slicing the image into tiles.

There's a charity ad on TV where a mother laments, "I don't have seven arms to hold all my children," and I'm now imagining a charity that helps people get the new arms that evolution had not the foresight to grant them.

Random detail free for the taking: A city where all buildings have doors painted solid colors to reflect their public usage. Homes and private spaces have doors of unpainted wood or other materials.

Fans of @SuricrasiaOnline may enjoy the short story "How to Identify an Alien Shark" by Beth Goder, for its premises, sharks, and formatting.

All two of you voted for vector tiles, but I'm authoring the original map with raster, for now.

"Presents on Christmas Eve, as usual."
Text cannot convey the tone of serious levity with which Belle's husband delivers that line in the 1984 version of A Christmas Carol. It's a great version of the story.

Vector tiles or image tiles?

fun fact: chinese wheelbarrows are far more technologically advanced than european ones. like, you put them side by side & it looks like the europeans don't understand how levers work, it's embarrassing.

and there's a neat story about why!


All right, let's see if I can get a nice QGIS workflow set up for building a slippy web map based on an irresponsibly-large image, with annotations on other layers for things like towns and roads and rail and rivers.

Knives Out posting, misinterpreted signs 

Coworker, on a video conference: you want a slice of pie?
Me, on the other end of the video conference: sure, lemme just reach through the camera

Discord post-mortem from a cloud engineer on the outside 

Driving along in my automobile, 

Driving along in my automobile, 

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