Any recommendations for where to host a 14-GB video file? It doesn't need a video player, but that's a bonus. Mostly just need a place where Facebook users can download it from.

this is the flywheel in the machinery of ethics and to define it so clearly would be both incredibly useful and incredibly dangerous

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I'm 100% certain the human model of empathy can be represented in a short computer program or formula but looking at it plain would feel like looking directly at the sun

"I sexually identify as an attack helicopter" was her debut

could you fucking imagine the second work, the third? augh

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Mobile Suit : Hathaway's Flash is definitely the first film in a series, but I'm okay with that. After Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative, it's nice to have characters with character, who aren't tied up in Newtype™ shenanigans.

I've been contemplating a short story sequel set in this setting, and I'm trying to think of any topic of conversation that makes sense for an anthropomorphic plane and an alien human to talk about that isn't the logistics of body swapping. Like, I have a background task for the alien human to do that requires the anthro plane, but that's set dressing.

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@SuricrasiaOnline genuinely think a lot of mastodon's advantages can be summed up by "there's more distance between people"

Someone told me I should submit this to a place wot buys fiction, so I think it's time to repost this story about some robots and dysphoria:

Updoot: I did not achieve printing a zine this weekend. Primarily worked on my long-running research into , which I discovered yesterday has been in progress for more than two years.

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Passthrough #VR in a #fursuit head: Good idea? Bad idea? Thoughts or opinions? I'm going to be building a generic rig for use as a Utopian visor from #TerraIgnota but wonder if anyone's done it for fursuits.

(Autocorrect wanted that last word to be "Fūraimatsu"? The heck?)

did you know that suricrasia online has a library? there you can find all sorts of "Electronic" books to read!

The answers to the AMA questions are up!

Thank you to everyone who came out for it, and I look forward to what you have to say on Stellar Elegy!

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Stellar Elegy, the sequel to Mission Critical, has begun!

Player Six enters the game, and the crew attempts to have one last normal day.

Read Mission Critical here:

I am running an Authorial AMA next Friday! Ask me anything you want about Mission Critical (or anything else), and at the end of the night I will post and read-aloud the first chapter of the sequel, Stellar Elegy!

More details here:

we discovered the cosmic background radiation was not random, but encrypted

I am worldbuilding and trying to write a book about a world where society is made for autistics rather than neurotypicals. Would you all be willing to answer this survey for me and share it with any other neurodivers people that you know?

#autistic #autism #neurodivers #neurodiversity #worldbuilding

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