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Robert Walker meets Patrick Duffy on a train. They hit it off and decide to help one another out with certain 'problems,' criss cross.

Both men are immediately arrested and given lengthy jail sentences for murders they didn't actually commit.

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STORYTIME! guys I totally saw a white person in the wild the other day... it was shoving big handfuls of mayo into its mouth mumbling about "the troops". I tried getting closer but it spotted me and started shouting "can I speak to your manager" so I bolted

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If every US state just allowed mail-in ballots, like Washington, there’d be no need for insecure tech, and voter turnout would probably multiply exponentially since no one would have to go anywhere at difficult hours, stand in long lines when they got there, or be intimidated while doing so. But of course you can see why that wouldn’t work in favour of the Good Ol’ Boys who need to use those sheep-herding tactics for advantage.

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Apple Air. Microsoft Water. Google Earth. Amazon Fire. For thousands of years the Internet was peaceful. Then everything changed when the Amazon Fire Nation attacked.
#writingprompts #writing

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The only time of the year when we can project our appearance in the visible spectrum instead of only ultraviolet

I put this up on twitter, and I'm really happy with how it turned out:

“So am I... The One?”

“Oh Heavens, no! You are some one. Someone at the right place and the right time, someone with the right skills. There are probably a dozen just like you.”

“Then we should find them!”

“That is the smartest thing you’ve said yet.”

New story! About 1400 words. The premise for this one, twin shadows talking to each other but not knowing you're listening, was given to me by a poet friend. It got a little dark. It's called "Shades."


Hi, folks! I’m wondering how many of you might be interested in an organized peer commenting thing? What I picture is a group that commits to reading each other’s stuff and giving some kind of constructive/critical feedback. We’d negotiate lengths of drafts and what we expect in response, of course, but I would love to read people’s stuff and get feedback on mine. Let me know if you’re interested.

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How have you subverted the Campbellian Monomyth today?

Hey, how long does the first draft of a short, say ~7000 words give or take, usually take folks to write?

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Growing up, I always wanted to be an architect. Luck gave me parents with enough money for an AOL internet connection and a computer to spare instead. So I build digital spaces.

But today I stroll around Madrid and just want my United Statesians to know what it's like to promenade on streets made for people; to occupy abodes meant to connect you with the life outside, rather than separate you; I want them to see a world with fewer plastic strip malls and 8-lane highways devoid of human life.

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I'm picking up an old worldbuilding trick I used a long time ago. I've got a folder in Scrivener called Lore where I write flash fiction establishing little bits of the world.

It's word count, potential foundations for full stories, and helps fill out the details mainline stories are built on.

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In retrospect, that was a lot of posts in a row for a 1200 word story. I’m going to not do that again. Sorry folks.

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