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How's a writer to put a suitable bio in such a small space as the profile permits?

I welcome feedback, even from you stranger! Some of my favourite work has been after edits from criticism and being told why most of the poem is crap. If a line, verse or concept inspires you, take my words and run with them. Share in the Fediverse and anywhere else as long as you include a link to the source.

Never let your guard down around a poet. They will immortalise you. Full at

She fell asleep, slipped from
the conscious coil
still wrapped around her little finger
to hold tight her tin can
telephone lover.

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writing about art?! Show more

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@dogtrax Crash the stage all the way down and keep on playing. Awesome.

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It is the anniversary of my break up
and my heart casts a shadow like a broken compass.
I used to be split in two long before
he split us up. Now I no longer point north
I spin
and the iron in my blood pulls.
I am the moon and the ocean - I wax
and vane to to own beating heart.
I am one, I am one
and I follow no beat but my own.

#corvusrobotica #poetry

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@tellio No broken bits ... the gig was a few nights ago ... ... notice the bass amp rocking back and forth as I was jumping around ... we nearly broke the floorboards and crashed to the first floor of the bar ...

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Some neat things about our Mastodon instance:

We have a public directory, where you can discover writers here:

(Anyone on our instance can add themselves from their profile settings.)

You can also browse our local timeline without being a registered user:

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The chromeOS upgrade apparently wiped out all my app data, including my art. Luckily everything's all backed up, but still pretty irritating. Just a reminder not to get complacent, I guess.

We have a tea shop in town which always sports an interesting and delicious assortment.

I opted for a pot of Malibu Dream. The waitress said she hasn't sampled that variety yet so I promised to give her a review.

It took the lunch and the empty pot to condense the taste into a succinct reply.

"How was the Malibu tea?"
"It tasted of cherry kisses and welcome sunshine".

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« Words without the living example will never be sufficient to breathe hope into the hearts of a disillusioned and often cynical generation. »

- Shoghi Effendi

#spirit #quote #Bahai #ShoghiEffendi #spiritual #spirituality #deedsnotwords

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It's Friday and we all know what that means! The Lords & Ladies of Words will crack the frames of their paper prison, the one we sealed just last Saturday with hopes and calligraphy, and they'll once again sweep through the village telling stories to all unfleet of foot.

The only known inoculation is to fill your head with /other/ stories, such as those found in WITCHES TOWN, a microfiction collection I wrote. Download it for free!

FRIDAY! Until the prison's rebuilt!

@Corvusrobotica Ocean Heart...what a powerful, evocative slice of your life. I'm a sucker for a poem that ends with a crystalline note and that delivered. Perfect.

@Corvusrobotica "Safe Travels" rings so true. I vividly recall going on adventures to find new trees, pocket knife and snacks in tow, usually a few Beano comics with me. Sometimes a coil of rope for a tree swing if I was lucky.

I feel Words brewing.

Coffee, sustenance and a tangible Urchin Heart.

What are you today?

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It flows, it waves, it ripples. It softly hums on the drum of spacetime itself.

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My patreon has finally tipped over 100 USD a month, I am now going to be releasing 4 exclusive pieces a month! :D

thank you everyone here who supports me!

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i never understood the phrase “good artists borrow, great artists steal” until i extended the metaphor and realized that stealing means making something your own

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There is definitely no appreciable difference between my handwriting whilst sober and otherwise. This is the curse of the otherchirals.

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