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How's a writer to put a suitable bio in such a small space as the profile permits?

I welcome feedback, even from you stranger! Some of my favourite work has been after edits from criticism and being told why most of the poem is crap. If a line, verse or concept inspires you, take my words and run with them. Share in the Fediverse and anywhere else as long as you include a link to the source.

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What’s the time Mr. Wolf?
I pause and soon
he howls out his answer
head raised to the full Moon.

She soaks up the call and deigns
to translate his ghostly words:
shines them down from her throne
of straggled winterbranch.

I can barely make out the hands,
her voice a translucent apparition,
cast upon the watch face.

There it is: the time.
It is the Witching Hour.

I turn away from the path
through or into dark wood.
Not tonight.

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Tombtown/Books & Bone stuff (no spoilers) 

Joh and I stayed up late last night talking about my TOMBTOWN series and working through some ideas I have.

It's rare that I have a series that he's properly into and it's like having a fanfic writer constantly chiming in with what they love and what they headcanon or would like to see in the next book.

Basically it was amazing and I'm feeling super-charged to continue with my short stories and then onto book 2!


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This is new & exciting. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of positive tooters 😁
I've been an indie author - - for 6 years & learn something every day. Admittedly, I forget loads of stuff too 🤪

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My friend Nick is a writer and editor and has just launched a series of videos on writing advice and craft.

He worked really hard on the text animation and it's very gentle, non-prescriptive advice. It would be lovely if you took a look!

I came to a stop to allow a pedestrian to cross the street. We waited as four people driving cars, having noticed us, carried on regardless. Eventually the pedestrian crossed and was all smiles and thank you's. "Not many courteous cyclists around these days!" he said, with complete and genuine lack of irony.

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Hey #Writing people, what tags do you use to post about your writing, your process, your published works?

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It’s not love
it’s the windows open on a hot summer day
and the breeze flowing over my exposed neck.
It’s not love
it’s just finding your hand in your sleep
and it’s still clumsy and I don’t know
how my fit my pieces around yours. It’s not
love but I try to hook my leg over yours,
it’s not love but I smile more
these days it’s not love - it’s not.
It’s a stubborn door creaking open and
the walls settling with a groan into
the new season.

#corvusRobotica #poetry

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spilling out trauma on twitter with the right emojis and
womanhood like
too old for this generation googling slang and
womanhood like
still shimmy my hips like the music video from the 00s
womanhood like
barely contained fury and panic and laughter


#poetry #corvusRobotica

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Are there any art prompt things around at the moment? I really enjoyed making fun non-committal drawing for #goblinWeek - I found it pretty stress-relieving/a way to make quick personal work without feeling like I should get back to other work

If there aren't any, anyone wanna start one?

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Feel like I read a lot of books where arc and arch are used interchangeably.

Is this a language shift or are proofreaders just missing it?

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I write character-driven stories about magic and monsters. I'm about to start the querying process for my first novel, and plowing through my final draft. Therefore, this feed will likely feature a lot of that involve lamenting the plight of writers, as though this were some involuntary calling (it is).

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(of a flower) producing nectar.


Sweet summer Sunday.
Great day for some play.
Lone bee buzzes and zooms
Seeking nectariferous blooms.

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How to be a wildflower:

You begin by waking up, your hair
scattered across the pillow and when you collect
your thoughts you do not
linger on what you leave behind.
Then trail yourself out the door and stand in the sun
wherever you walk you cast a shadow.
You let yourself be tasted by the bees
and hum in ecstasy with them, you let yourself
be grabbed by the stem and the root


#poetry #corvusRobotica

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It always feels awkward joining new places. Less of the launching to the front with a broad "ta-dah!" and a shower of confetti, and more of the sneaking quietly into the cinema after the movie's started, hoping you don't step on anyone's toes and attracting only a couple of irritable "shhh!"s.

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The first page of my book is an ominous prophecy that outlines the main conflict of the story, and serves as a framework for all future prophecies contained within. Let me know what you think, constructive criticism encouraged.

#amwriting #concrit #poetry

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I live on a planet
that will kill you
if you stay on the surface
too long

some people are homeless

planet is
blue and brown and green
getting browner
less blue and green

too close to the sun
though the planet
and the sun
have stayed put

I help infest a planet
that was just fine
until we came along

we burned things
dug things up
killed everything in our path

it wasn’t just me
it was all of us

poor old planet

from amidst a lightning storm in which I mention the Moon but, somehow, do not crowbar in the word "crepuscular".

it was a demonic, monochrome assault
fueled by the gods it struck from
beyond the sky, across the sky
and down to the ground and around
it assailed everywhere that the senses
gave life.

Full piece:

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