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How's a writer to put a suitable bio in such a small space as the profile permits?

I welcome feedback, even from you stranger! Some of my favourite work has been after edits from criticism and being told why most of the poem is crap. If a line, verse or concept inspires you, take my words and run with them. Share in the Fediverse and anywhere else as long as you include a link to the source.

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Mock a tree by sitting under it reading. Show it the possibilities of life
in another’s hand, show the book what stagnation
looks like for those who never leave their home town.
Feel smug in your ability to stretch a metaphor so far
as to want to nail the book to a tree and call it
“How I feel coming back home to being unloved after loving you”.
If love is a performance art, then so will my unloving be!
In a way,
I mean. I am rootless now,
aren’t I?
Full of poetry - devoid of birds.

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"We’ve all become more and more used to having advertising fed to us via social media, as our favourite Instagram and YouTube stars promote everything from their latest books to diet tea."

Translated to Fediverse:
"We've all become more and more used to having fascinating #artwork fed to us via social media, as our favourite robotic corvid and pencil art stars promote everything from their latest sunset to abstract love #poetry."

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Here's my 10 seconds of courage. I wrote this a while ago, and I'm entering it into a nonfiction memoir contest. It's pretty personal. What do you guys think?

Beyond eternity's bounds stretch the gracious shade of his might;
Beneath that shadow, O Hafiz, be thine eternity sped.
An excerpt from Hafiz's "The Rose Returns", as translated by Walter Leaf, featured in "Hafiz: Fifty Poems".

Every time he ends a work of with a third-person reference to himself, a little part of me cheers. It could easily read as self-centered but I find it tends evoke an endearing self-depreciation.

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I'm looking to feature some instances on If you're running a permanent instance and want to be included, let me know!

Wiped out the tumblr app's data/cache and left it disabled. Once I haven't used it in a month I'll likely uninstall it. It still scares me, vicariously, that so many writers entrust that platform as the sole data custodian for their writing, the drops of their hearts and souls.

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This Was But To Woolgather

You are psychoanalysing
a few of the plums
which were between an icebox

and that
she will probably unlace
because of breakfast

Enlighten us
you will be delicious
extra sweet
or peculiarly cold

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I am obscure –
a pattern in the field
of night – a poem
yet to be written:
A lost idea


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How it is these words
have been lost
to the night?
Don't stars
Doesn't the moon
call out for stories?
Don't you dream
in poems?
Where do they go -
these words you lost
to the night?

#smallpoems (a riff from #netnarr with @wentale )

I have no new words, but can offer a previous collection. One of my recurring muses, SoulReserve's, wrote a touching poem "paper moon" which inspired this reply:

Oh fulsome orb
thou snare'd mine eye
and in spark'd instant
gazed up.

Saw a fleeting shape
a triangle
as cloud did choose to scud.

You take so many lovers yet,
in precious moments rapt,
caught up in nightly crystal trine
at last you were but mine.

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As winter waves roll upon the beach
I wonder if the sand knows the sun
Of the warmth that'll be restored
The cycles of life and cold
Promises to be upheld
Or is there only endless torment
One cold wave crashing to the next

#poetry #ofasort #freeverse #ISuppose #goodnight

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“But the best writing appears like those animals, sudden, self-possessed, telling everything and nothing, words approaching wordlessness. Maybe writing is its own desert, its own wilderness.”

-- from A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit, page 133


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What if every story,
instead of the wind,
is instead, a sail,
a flexible fabric collector
of words, poems and tales?

#smallpoems response

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Saving up for a deposit so I can finally get my own place, every penny from my Patreon and my part time job goes there so consider supporting my patreon if you want access to my 19 months of poetry making and future pieces.

or donate to my paypal: if you like what I do here on mastodon but commitment isn't your jam.

Thanks! x

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On geese wars:
"they postured
honked and hissed
ran at each other
a snake with wings
riding an elephant"

What mind can conjure such colourful reproductions? @uschi_the_listener , that's who.

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