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How's a writer to put a suitable bio in such a small space as the profile permits?

I welcome feedback, even from you stranger! Some of my favourite work has been after edits from criticism and being told why most of the poem is crap. If a line, verse or concept inspires you, take my words and run with them. Share in the Fediverse and anywhere else as long as you include a link to the source.

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@wordsmith "Flow is the feed. It’s the stream of daily and sub-daily updates that remind people you exist. Stock is the durable stuff. It’s the content you produce that’s as interesting in two months (or two years) as it is today. In my experience, your stock is best made by collecting, organiffing, and expanding upon your flow. You can turn your flow into stock. For example, a lot of the ideas in this book started out as tweets, which then became blog posts, which then became book chapters."

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Poem, Halloween, Cute Horror 

Filling Time
October 25, 2021

eventually, stuffed tigers
process their dinners
gift store tags
falling away
to hunger

* * *

Microblogging platforms aren't set up for walls of text by design and yet I rather enjoy the feeling of into arbitrary splits, small fragments making up a whole. How one toot is one chapter, tiny and complete yet part of a whole.

Then I copy and paste them to my journal and wince at how I made a hash of the story and missed out parts, but it's fine: it's a stream of consciousness and can be "fixed" on a more suitable platform.

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@brandkopf Confused, there were no other patrons in the snug little store, bustled besides two large department stores.

She looked as if she recognised the look on my face. Nothing in this store sported a right angle, it was every facet slightly jaunted, yet the external facade was a neat rectangle, part of the modern high street.

"This used to be a quiet side street many Moons ago, before the regeneration, so I've tried to keep things as they were," she greeted me.

All sorts of supernatural and supranatural inspiration tonight.

Spraying invisible death
a plume of x-rays from this cosmic snack
I dare any of your orbits
to cross this x-rage.

"[they are] a neutron star or black hole pulling in gas from a closely orbiting companion star. The material near the neutron star or black hole becomes superheated and glows at X-ray wavelengths. Because the region producing bright X-rays is small, a planet passing in front of it could block...the X-rays, making the transit easier to spot."

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hi, I write and study philosophy, literature, futurism, science fiction, and anarchism including the intersections and overlaps.

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hungry, like the Moon,
when she rises it's all I can do
to slake her demands;

the more she consumes the more
she waxes, crepuscular and unknowable
shining so brightly I am dazzled,

stumbling toward the nacreous blaze
a moth to the night-sky flame.

of the lunatic

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Halloween is coming 🎃 I don't have a witch's broom but I got brushes 😁 You can see my digital couloured rough on the last pic. That's the last step before using tracing paper to get my drawing ready to be painted !

Halloween arrive, à défaut de balai de sorcière on dégaine son pinceau 🎃 Sur la dernière image vous pouvez voir mon rough couleur à l'ordi. Après, je décalque pour transférer un crayonné plus propre sur papier.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #halloween #witch #art #illustration #painting

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Now I finally found some time to work my side project

"adding dynamics to illustrations by particles"

First result: Old tree-giant with falling leafs.

#art #mastoart #blender #kdenlive

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*A Fine Day*

A rising sun
Portends some fun,
A day of play,
We'll jump and run.

More calm at noon
We'll enjoy a boon
Of picnic lunch
And hum a tune.

Later on, a chance,
We may jointly glance
And then wind up
Hugging in a dance.


"past participle abode or abided or (rare) abidden"


Just realised, to my horror, that it's "Hallow-e'en" or "Hallow e'en", rather than my go-to presentation of "Hallowe'en". At least I had the apostrophe in the correct place.

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@checkervest @bright_helpings a history podcast once joked about this, and how anthropologists might look at the ruins of someone's house from our present day and assume the TV stand held some item of religious significance, placed in the center of a wall with seating all around for everyone to worship

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I think I'm going to have to settle for a 12" single.

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Pondering on whether there's a ten-hour release of Ann Peebles "I Can't Stand the Rain" because that song and her performance is poetry to music.

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Come and save the world
That's what people say.
People, pulse with longing
Hopeful, one of us will change,
Then more, until the mountain crumbles
From a stream.
When a droplet of water once said
"Come and save the world"

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