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I am sure it is a word. It feels like a word on my tongue. I duck it, and get a hit: entry three.

Oh, it's a poem.

That I wrote.

A word for @Algot : "nacreous". I feel the need to write of tiny spheres of rainbow.

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A hundred lands I seem to cross

In search of earth to settle roots

Through dead lands rift with frost

No forest green or growing shoots

Now I've come upon this small oasis

Sniffing for others, even their traces #Poetry #Introductions

Welcome to the Writing Exchange, my partner @uschi_the_listener ! May your inner muse spill forth and threaten to drown us both. With furious spume her Words flowed forth, we were but shore to her crashing waves.

I'm growing from a cutting of Hafiz's works. Wish me luck that I don't cause him to turn in his urn. Trepidatious.

@fncll 's nerd companion site katexic.com/ is going to keep me busy. I shall now affix a sticky note over the clock. It's 02:29hrs already.

She gasped as a myth of phoenixes swam upward in a blaze of searing glory.

I've just discovered that the term of venery for phoenixes is "a myth".

Words. Le sigh.

Welcome @chantelier , writer of shanties. His will get you slapping knees and drinking grog before you know it. No pressure @chantelier

write.as/wordsmith/cloud-whisp Some for all you rain fans. Come out from under your umbrellas and pen me a reply!

Ahoy! Time for an . I'm a poet looking for other writers to consume, create and if I'm feeling brave, collaborate with. I'm excited to find a platform which is open and where we are not the product. Sharing my content from @wordsmith to this place seems like a step up from tumblr.

While I tromp around blindly like a Mastodon in a tearoom in the name of exploration, if anyone knows of a comfortable nook, let me know.

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