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How's a writer to put a suitable bio in such a small space as the profile permits?

I welcome feedback, even from you stranger! Some of my favourite work has been after edits from criticism and being told why most of the poem is crap. If a line, verse or concept inspires you, take my words and run with them. Share in the Fediverse and anywhere else as long as you include a link to the source.

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what I actually say: "This is wonderful, friend! Thank you for sharing your work with me."
what I want to say:

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the dust
off the poem

for it exists
even when
long forgotten;

some words
linger, longer
than expected

faint outlines
of shapes and

the dust
off the poem


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It’s not easy to catch sight of a flower petal in flight. By accident, really, I was standing beside the kitchen table where my wife brings in flowers from the outside to add color to the home. I was standing there, just lost in thought about a poem and a line I was struggling with (still am) when I noticed a petal drop to the table. Then a second. I left my head space to look closer, and found myself entranced by these tiny temporary umbrellas. The poem could wait. #smallstories

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It is end of month, here if your reminder that I have a Patreon and would love it if you signed up if you like my poetry ^__^

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Ode to the robot girl

Glitch and switch,
the kiss of wires
over your motherboard
like a family tree untainted - I love
your overheated fan
warming my hands when I
make you blush.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

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Okay, I'm back from my lil' hiatus, and I refuse to apologise for all the stuff I'm gonna draw that'll look like science museum crap on 90's toyboxes

#illustration #mastoart #art #haiku #poetry #poems

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My mom just asked: ❓

What is Mastodon? 🐘

I just answered: 📣

Mastodon is like Twitter but not owned by anyone. It's social media for cretins, like me, who don't like media manipulation, invasion of privacy, aggressive marketing, and insane narcissism. Really, it's social media for the un-trendy. 🤓

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I'm just going out for a little while. How many notebooks do I need?


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#smallpoems Poetry is ubiquitous. It lives everywhere. Here is a poem I pulled from a video here by Dr Penny Mealy :
And the poem is in the image below and the etherpad here:
#smallactions #smallstories

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Hey friends, intro incoming:

I'm a 20-something who thinks a lot. I'll be sharing thoughts and writing here.

Also, I love a lot of things. In no particular order: cats (mine and all), plants, reading, dogs (mine and all), animals, plants, mountains, snow, video games (currently Overwatch), husband (just mine), productivity, self improvement, communication skills, colors, feelings, mom (mine and all), empaths, Totoro, gnomes, cherries, Head Space app, Kung Pow, silence.


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this steely sky
if it were a sound
it would be
like the screech
of sawn metal
machine screaming

not a cloud
in this sky

no filter

briefly by
a searing sun

bitter and brutal
crashing brass

an undervoice
muttering tautly

why are you even here?

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Book review: Books and Bone, by Victoria Corva

In spite of being set in a crumbling necropolis, this book is actually a fairly cheerful story following a denizen as she tries to save a stubborn outsider who finds his way in. (1/4)

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I wake up

I look down
along the curves
the hills and valleys
verdant meadows
of my body

all rounded

I rise

catches me
breaks me
into a
million pieces

my luck is gone

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tried to lose them
donate them
find some utility

life & love
such as
they are

can't take either

what's the use
in trying
and that's the whole
crux of the matter

must everything
be useful
to exist?

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When Medium dropped our access to their API without warning a few months ago, we decided to permanently end our integration with them.

Today we're happy to launch a new integration with an open publishing platform that can't do the same, Ghost.

Read more on their blog:

(Thanks to @johnonolan and the Ghost team for reaching out and helping with the implementation!)

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#WritingExchange question 

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Let me be the place of confession, where else but on a poets tongue could you lay your sins and hope for absolution? If not now then in verses to come, I promise I'll make it beautiful from the ache to the storm - I'll cradle your head and heart in ink so black you can't see where it went wrong.
The candle has been lit, we begin. Both of us kneeling with purpose, both of us trembling and heavy handed.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

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#smallpoems A crosspost from a new creative platform created by @ggevalt in this space:

Any blank
is our
"Come husbander,
come midwife.
Revel. Play. Join. Make."
from the page,
a tendril,
a whisp,
we hear it
our Siren
susurration germinating
and radical.
And so becoming.

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#introductions #introduction / Reintroduction 

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