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and so I asked:
why does something exist and not nothing?
and so I answered:
because You should have seen the look on all Our faces when We realized that something could exist and that We had no choice but to exist It.

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Thrilled to announce my debut story collection, SOMETIMES CREEK, is coming out in January from Cornerstone Press!

“Perfectly Midwestern, perfect portraits of perfectly imperfect people. Like coal that never turns into diamonds, but sparks up just the same."
-- Amber Sparks, author of And I Do Not Forgive You

You can order direct from the publisher and save 20% -- email: cornerstone.press@uwsp.edu with SOMETIMES CREEK in the subject. They will reply with a link.

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Latest update in my quest to find writing buddies:

Found this public google group and posted a bunch there: groups.google.com/g/critique-p
So we'll see if we get any bites.

Also signed up for critiquematch.com, which I'm not 100% sure about, but I'll give it a go.

Also, anyone on mastodon looking for a critique partner or just has some stuff they'd like to swap for feedback already has my attention :)

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I saw the lamplight
In your eyes
And the moon
On your back in the night
I watched the curtains dance
Like you and I at a ball
And I remembered
The first time you took my hand
And how we ended up here
I could never sleep
Beside someone
Something always kept me
But here I am
Not ready to close my eyes
Only because
I cannot bear
To tear them from you
For a single second
And that is how I
Find my rest
With my hand
On the small
Of your back


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Poem incoming! Today's #promptfromthejar was"curtains dancing in the breeze"

As always, feel free to steal this prompt if it's of use to you. 🙂

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I can’t get enough of the sleepy bees. It’s one of my favorite parts of fall. It gets cooler and the bees slow down and tuck in overnight on my cosmos. They are so very cute.

Heard on the radio: "The Womens' Super League: We know our place."

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From all their lies
Through all our cries
Beneath dark skies
And swarms of flies
Naught shall undo
These unbreakable #ties


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having the form or qualities of a machine : described in mechanical terms


Is a robot an anthropomorphic machine, or a mechanomorphic version of a human?

With Alexa, Siri and similar responsive "smart" technology becoming commonplace, I think back to Knight Rider and his car KITT as I watch a current television ad in which a human talks with his microwave about buying a car.


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Knotted branches
bind us closer -
the ties of trees
with story threads
like veins in a leaf,

I sing
to the ghosts of her -
the silent moments of her,
for this Maple remains rooted
in time and place,

#smallpoems for #mastoprompt

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Just migrated my account and there is no option to export and import muted words on Mastodon, so now my feed is full of stuff happening today that I have specifically been trying to avoid.

I opened an issue on the Mastodon Github issue list about this... FOUR years ago.


Please consider heading over there to add a comment or 👍 if you have a Github account. Thank you. <3

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It's called the equinox because that's when the night horses are released.

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Anonymous Sumerian writer:

𒍣 𒆯𒆯𒁮
niŋ₂-nam nu-kal zi ku₇-ku₇-dam
[niŋnam nukʰal tsi kʰukkʰudã]
"Nothing is of value, and yet life is so sweet."

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I am so happy.
My first professionally homemade art print with my new printer.
The print is indistinguishable from the original :D

Small tip for other artists: The paper makes a huge difference

#art #mastoart

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Its end comes.
A wall that approaches
with such certainly
gravity struggles against it.

To fight is to draw
the line upon which we measure,
in moments,
forgone certainty.

I wither,
and wonder:
are you flowers,
or weeds?


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