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Need help installing ? You can jump over to our forums to ask for help or see if anyone else has encountered the same problems.

Discussing the project in a public place like this helps our small team (@matt) save time answering common questions, and makes it so more people can benefit from / join our conversations.

And if you want to support the project, please feel free to help others in the community. Any help you can offer is welcome and appreciated!

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We're working to build a suite of tiny, focused tools that all work together, and share the same simplicity and privacy-awareness of This little platform is just the start.

Now you can along with each of them right here in the fediverse:

@readwriteas - stories from
@snap_as - photo and album hosting
@htmlhouse - HTML hosting

@draft_as - collaboration on text
@jot_as - private, encrypted notes

Aaaand we're back!

That took longer than expected, but everything went smoothly 😊

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Okay, here we go!

You won't be able to publish or update posts for a little bit. If you try, you'll notice that the request hangs or freezes.

Watch this thread for when we're back!

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We're going to have a small window of time tonight where you won't be able to publish or update any posts, as we make some important database changes.

It shouldn't take long, overall. But I'll let you know as soon as that starts!

We're introducing ourselves and our blogs over on the forum:

Come stop by and let us know more about you!

We've just put in a permanent fix for SSL certificates on custom domains, which popped up over the weekend due to Let's Encrypt's root certificate expiring. boosted boosted

Command line fans!

You can post to your @writefreely blog on the Fediverse through the official Write Freely command line app:

It's available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

#FediTips #Fediverse #WriteFreely #Blog #Apps #CLI #CommandLine #CommandLines

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How am I only finding out about @write_as CLI?! This is so cool and definitely how I'll be publishing to my blogs from now on. boosted boosted

I'm thinking of moving our documentation to a more purpose-built platform / site generator, instead of the custom one we have now on

Ideally, we'd switch to a tool that supports Markdown (current docs:, and allows people to search.

Any recommendations? boosted boosted

Following our last update for Tor users about moving to our new v3 onion address, we’re now redirecting all visitors from our old v2 onion site to the new address! This should make it easier for your readers to follow you over to the new, more secure onion site. boosted boosted boosted

I'm giving a talk at 12pm Eastern on how we've implemented Web Monetization in @write_as, @writefreely, and @snap_as. Come check it out! boosted

Had a chat with about @writefreely, privacy, and removing roadblocks from our tools to help you write more.

You might have noticed some issues with our :writeas: instance, particularly from this Mastodon instance ( Those should be largely fixed now!

If you still have any trouble following accounts (e.g. they don't show up in search or show "pending request"), please let us know! boosted

Continuing yesterday’s work on “outside contributors,” some new perspectives: boosted
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