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We're working to build a suite of tiny, focused tools that all work together, and share the same simplicity and privacy-awareness of This little platform is just the start.

Now you can along with each of them right here in the fediverse:

@readwriteas - stories from
@snap_as - photo and album hosting
@htmlhouse - HTML hosting

@draft_as - collaboration on text
@jot_as - private, encrypted notes boosted

Good progress on open source today -- got the endpoints moved over and 2500 lines of database code migrated from global functions to struct methods. Left out all the API v1 stuff and removed paywall code.

Past 8 hours have been spent copying code, using tons of Vim macros to update everything, and build, fix errors, repeat. Now that it's compiling again, time to strip out more service)-specific functionality. boosted

I started a new :writeas: blog, aimed at reducing the number of distractions I carry around with me on a daily basis. Join me in my digital catharsis!


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Eight months ago I left my job to work on @write_as full-time. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but it's meant that ever since, I get to wake up every day and do work that I truly love.

If you'd like to support what I'm doing, including fediverse projects like @read_as and our Writing.Exchange instance, here are a few ways you can help:




If you publish with the command-line tool, I'd love to know more about your publishing workflow for some features that are currently in development.

Now that the app is launched, I'm looking to build native apps for and next.

I already started on the macOS app (written in ), but I need help polishing the UI and packaging it up. For the Windows app, I'm not sure where to start. So I'm looking for that can help with either!

If you're interested, feel free to send me a message. Otherwise please pass it along to anyone you know!

Also, these are paid projects. All code will be -licensed.

I'll officially be at in Portland, Oregon next March! If you're going, I'd love to chat in real life. More info about where our booth will be and everything else coming soon. boosted

I've settled on a name for my #ActivityPub #WordPress plugin - #Pterotype! It's an early precursor to the typewriter, which seemed appropriate for WordPress.

Honestly though, the main reason I chose it is now it can have a cute Pterodactyl logo. That will go nicely with Mastodon's prehistoric theme!

Now I just need to find someone who can draw a cute pterodactyl...

For :archlinux: users, the GTK app and command-line interface are also in the AUR:

If you'd like to help get it into the community repo, please give it a vote there.

And if you can help us get it packaged for other distros besides and Arch, that would be very much appreciated!

If you want to contribute to the GTK project, there's a GitHub mirror to easily submit issues and pull requests:

And, of course, the CLI that backs it:

Special thanks to goes to @alcinnz for the great work he did on this app. I was lucky enough to find him here in the fediverse a few months ago, and without his expertise, it probably wouldn't have existed for a long time.

The app is out now! :linux:

Version 1.0 has the basics:

* Simple editor
* Auto-saving single draft
* Choose between three fonts (serif, sans-serif, monospace)
* Dark mode (on platforms that support it)
* Save draft as another file
* Publish anonymously to :writeas: and manage posts via the CLI

Download / install it here:

Get the code here:

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Big announcement coming tomorrow 🙂

(no surprise if you've been following @writeas_dev 😉)

I've settled on a self-hosted Debian repo for the CLI and upcoming desktop app. So if you added the Launchpad repo before, you'll want to switch it to

If you haven't yet, and want to automatically get updates for the CLI (including v1.2, today's latest release), you can follow the instructions here:

Got our PPA up and running with the latest version of the CLI, so now / users can install it and get its updates by running:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:writeas
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install writeas-cli

I've seen toots here and there about federation over Tor, but I'm not sure exactly how it will work today.

I'll be looking to move that development forward with anyone else working on that as we get closer to the self-hosted version.

Another fun fact about our upcoming self-hosted version: since it's a single executable, serving a blog as a Tor hidden service will be trivial -- just install Tor on your server and point it to the application's listening port.

It's already been tested to work great on the hidden service we've been maintaining for nearly 4 years (writeas7pm7rcdqg.onion), and our Android and CLI clients already support it, too 👍 boosted

Recently had to make some ⚠️ breaking changes to the go-writeas library ⚠️ so if you're using it in any projects, I'd recommend switching from github to our new versioned path as soon as possible:

Blogs are now localized in Turkish 🇹🇷, bringing us to 20 languages we support!

Thanks to Evrim Altay, our latest translator!

We now support MathJax! Just go to your blog settings page under the Text Rendering section, and enable MathJax.

Forum discussion here:

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