Need help installing ? You can jump over to our forums to ask for help or see if anyone else has encountered the same problems.

Discussing the project in a public place like this helps our small team (@matt) save time answering common questions, and makes it so more people can benefit from / join our conversations.

And if you want to support the project, please feel free to help others in the community. Any help you can offer is welcome and appreciated!

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Cool, that may help! I tried to install it in a VM a few days ago, following the upstream documentation, but somehow a step led to the CLI being stuck during the configuration, seemingly doing nothing. 😞

@KekunPlazas @write_as @matt maybe this issue? I also hit it. I had to tweak a line of code on my Mac to get past that step then upload the SQLite file to my server 🙈

Thanks, I do have the same symptoms, I'll follow the evolution of that issue. 🙂
@write_as @matt

@write_as @matt Just installed it yesterday. Thanks for making it so easy to install.

@mcg Awesome. That's the goal! Glad it was easy for you :)

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