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Welcome to the official Mastodon account for the :writefreely2: project! We'll share smaller, more frequent updates here than we do on our official blog (

Spacebear now provides Write Freely managed hosting:

You can also get Write Freely managed hosting from and

Write Freely is a minimalist blogging platform which federates with the Fediverse. You can follow Write Freely blogs from Mastodon etc. More info at

#WriteFreely #ManagedHosting #Fediverse

If you're wondering about the status of the project, it hasn't gone anywhere!

We're having a little discussion about it here, if you're at all interested in helping out:

Write Freely :writefreely: is another type of server on the Fediverse :fediverse:

Its focus is entirely on long form text posts, so things like articles, essays, stories etc. It has a very minimalist interface which aims to be as distraction-free as possible, so that it's easier for readers to actually read.

You can follow Write Freely accounts from Mastodon etc because they are both on the Fediverse.

There's more info on the official site at and you can follow the project at @writefreely

You can get a Write Freely account from servers listed at or at

There are official apps at

#WriteFreely #FediTips #Fediverse

Took a while, but I'm happy to announce WriteFreely support. Check out plan options here:

If you have any questions please send them over :)

cc: @writefreely

Fun fact: when you include photos in your blog posts, they show up in your posts on and other platforms!

Recent example from @flatmountain.

Moved my blog over to WriteFreely. Now it's available on @blog!

It's amazing to see how single-user friendly WriteFreely is, contrary to what i believed. There's an option to toggle on single-user option.

Props to @writefreely!

Some Fediverse alternatives to "big tech" social media:

Twitter ➡️ @Mastodon

Instagram ➡️ @pixelfed

YouTube ➡️ @peertube

Twitch ➡️ @owncast

Goodreads ➡️ @bookwyrm

Facebook Groups ➡️ @mobilizon

Medium ➡️ @writefreely

You don't need an account on all of these in order to interact with them.

Because they all use the ActivityPub open protocol, you can (for example) use a Mastodon account to follow someone on PixelFed or vice versa. That's why they are collectively known as the Fediverse, because they federate together at a technical level.

Also, this is an incomplete list, there are many other Fedi projects out there such as @funkwhale or @inventaire that are not direct alternatives but are their own thing.

#FediTips #Fediverse #Fedi #ActivityPub

You can start your own Medium-style social network for text articles using @writefreely:

It aims to be as distraction-free as possible, to make the audience more likely to read the text all the way through.

The easiest way to create a server is to use a managed hosting service (they do all the tech stuff for a monthly fee), such as or

#WriteFreely is part of the #Fediverse and its accounts can be followed from Mastodon.

I set up a #writefreely instance yesterday to play around with. It's a single go executable, and wasn't too hard to set up. I'm running it behind Apache, but you can run it standalone as well, either with SQLite or Mariadb. It would probably run fine on a Raspberry Pi or similar.

The blogging experience is pretty minimal, and it's not as complete as say Wordpress. For example, embedding an image requires an image host, as opposed to uploading a file through the web interface. Formatting is mostly through markdown. That said, that could be a feature depending on how you look at it.

It does seem like an easy way to get on the fediverse with something self-hosted, though. I don't know how long I'm going to keep this up, but if you want to follow it my blog is

If you're embedding a Mastodon toot into a @writefreely blog post, change the embedding width to 600.

This will make the Mastodon toot fit across the Write Freely normal post width.

(Thank you to @zleap for the suggestion!)

Write Freely is a Fediverse blogging platform, you can find out more at

#FediTips #MastoTips #WriteFreelyTips #WriteFreely #Mastodon

Shopping weekend 2021 

Finally, our @writefreely app for iOS helps you capture and publish your thoughts no matter where you are 📱

That's 33% off, or just $9.99 this weekend.

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I'm wondering if it makes sense to add a new customization option to @writefreely / @write_as: the ability for posts to live on a sub-path, instead of on the top-level of your site.

Would love to hear your feedback on the forum:

Command line fans!

You can post to your @writefreely blog on the Fediverse through the official Write Freely command line app:

It's available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

#FediTips #Fediverse #WriteFreely #Blog #Apps #CLI #CommandLine #CommandLines

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Write Freely is a writing platform on the Fediverse, sort of like a Fedi version of Medium.

It lets you write long form texts on the Fediverse, and people can follow your Write Freely account, so they see your latest posts.

The official site is at, you can also follow them at @writefreely

You can find instances to sign up on at

There are apps available at

If you are techy, there's instructions for self-hosting an instance at

If you aren't techy, you can still make your own Write Freely instance by using

#WriteFreely #Fediverse #FediTips #Medium #Alternatives

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