Today we look at an Audacity overview to learn more about audio file processing for Podcasts and Audiobooks.

Today we will talk about the steps I use to write a book from start to finish.

I just dropped a video on , the FOSS eBook editor. I showed why you want to use an eBook editor and the basic development environment.

Learn how to create a sketch from an image in (GNU Image Manipulator Program)

This video I discuss Font Licensing Tips via @YouTube
Where to get your fonts, how to use them.

I just posted a new video on creating Drop Caps in LibreOffice for those who are learning to Typeset:

Looks like I will be launching the WritingDoneRight project on jan 1...assuming I can get the five articles I need to launch with!

Greetings all. First post here, still getting my website developed. I will be checking in more when this project is off the ground.

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