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My main instance has been down for a couple of hours now: all pings time out etc.

If anyone hears from the admin (halcy) or knows anything, let me know! Plz Boost!

Kind of weird: when I went to bed at midnight, my Twitter TL full of hurricane news, Reddit had a pinned live mega thread showing mega carnage and forecasting biblical floods over the next six days.

Wake up eight hours later, nothing in my TL, nothing on /r/all.

I've only recently figured out that the symptoms all point to some kind of burnout/depression. (booooorrrrinngg) But I'm starting to think maybe someday I can get my taste buds back.

I made an account here and promptly didn't post anything because…I have been blocked so hard for the past year or two. As in, sometime around age 34 or 35 I no longer had anything to write about. I have great plans for _how_ to publish stuff, but they are useless without anything to publish.

Not writing is one of the best things about being a writer.

Hello, everyone! Just a reader/writer here. My latest projects mostly have to do with simultaneous print/web book design.

I joined Mastodon on, mainly because it had a cool name. Will probably keep that account but I'm speculating that an instance focused more on writers might be a better fit.