Managed to convince to create some s!

CC-BY-NC 4.0 Midjourney

I love the warmth, colors, the welcoming feel, the magical atmosphere. Exactly what I wanted to convet with Glider!

Prompt: hackerspace, hackers, programmers, computers, LEDs, warm light, by Miyazaki, Nausicaa Ghibli

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And it that's not enough, you can ask for an version of the with a creative mode!

CC-BY-NC 4.0

@ckeen the closest I have would be these two from an actual artist:

CC-BY-SA 3.0 Alisunki

@ckeen I went there with an illustrator, working towards . It ended up being a short story instead of a comic, but I hope there'll be more!

@alxd here people start using the word hackspace so the place is a bit more inclusive by name. Culture has to go with that of course
@alxd oh yes please. It's a good place to be and I would like to get to know it better.

@ckeen please let me know what you think about the first story!

@alxd I really love the mood it conveys about glider. I love the introduction of Suz. Makes me want to know more about all the rest of the members. Also how the space as a community works.

How the personas are connected to each other. (Yes I have read the wiki, but want to see it work in a story)

It is a bit like the very beginning of walkaway, before the weird and unnecessary out of world buildup with its deus ex machina solution.

Glider is the opposite to that.

What I like about glider is that it could happen now and while the characters are special they are not super heroes.

I think we need more positive tales of what spaces like glider do for its inhabitants and about their struggles with everyday life.
@alxd now we need to convince the neural networks to be more inclusive than we are

@ckeen well, I would make my hackerspace more inclusive if I wasn't kicked out first! :P

@alxd Beautiful! What's Glider? Another AI image generator?

@codewiz Glider is my hacker graphic novel project, , for now it produced only one short story :)

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