Some initial thoughts and ideas after getting basic support in @write_as the other week.

@m3tti thanks! Glad to hear it :) Would love to get your feedback on it as it moves forward

@matt @write_as Hey, I'm really interested in building ActivityPub-enabled things -- is there a pull request or a repo that I can take a look at?

@noemi Right now there isn't, as @write_as is closed-source with some open components (like

I'm planning to make it fully open source by the end of the year, but for now if you want to help with (the reading-focused, AP-enabled platform), I'm going to make that open source to start with. I'd love some help with that once it gets going!

@matt Oh, definitely! Send me a message whenever. I'm not sure what my availability will be, but I'm 100% interested.

@matt Woo-hoo! Great job. Following quietly, because it's not my domain of knowledge, but reading you write about it helps. :)

@matt @write_as this sounds really really good!

I'm excited to follow the development!

@matt @write_as but not decentralized/self-hosted with instances?

@donblanco planning on making @write_as completely open source by the end of the year (, and open source from the start -- decentralization is the ultimate goal 👍

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