Welcome to all our new writers! 👋 Glad you've found our little spot in the fediverse.

If you ever need help, feel free to reach out to me or anyone else in the community. Also: an avatar, bio, and post will go a long way toward helping you connect with more people 😊


I have very recently joined Mastodon community. Not very sure how it works. But good people in the community are helping me.

I have a query though. If I want to join the #WritingExchange instance , do I have to register separately as a new user with a separate user name or login ID or can I do than from my current user name itself?

@pinankin_writes Hey, welcome!

Yes, you'd need to create a user here. It's kind of like email -- you might have a address and a address. The services can communicate, but they're still separate accounts on different servers.

Please feel free to apply for an account here and we'll get you approved. Otherwise let me or @cjeller know if you have other questions.

@matt Hello, I am a little limited by the number of characters and it is possible to have more

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