It's finally here! Version 0.1 of , the federated, open source version of @write_as πŸŽ‰

Get the release for your platform here:

Then head over to our guide to get set up:

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@sikkdays Thank you! πŸ™‡ Really excited to share this! @write_as

@matt @write_as this is really exciting congratulations! cant want to slap the roof of it to see how many federations is can fit.

@wakest 😁 thanks! Would love to know what you think

@mray is the software behind -- in other words, is an instance.

But since we started off with, it still has paid plans and extra features we've built for promoting people's writing and hosting blogs on custom domains, etc. Of course, it's also meant to be a privacy-focused service.

@matt Congrats, Matt! According to this page, so and writefreely use separate business?

I just installed Writefreely locally, and as far as I see there are no different with, but cool tho

@rmdzn Thanks! It's still us behind both and WriteFreely -- we're just offering hosting as a new service, since we're already doing it for the service / instance.

But yep, it's basically the same, just simplified for self-hosting :)

@Steven_Vervaecke It's federated too -- I just added that for anyone who wasn't familiar with

@matt @write_as congratulations! I bought a year plan to support you :)

Could you write a small blogpost with a list of advantages and disadvantages over staticgens? I understand how it's better than Medium, but I'd like to know if using a database instead of just files on my instance is worth it :)

@alxd Thank you so much!

That's a great idea. I'll make sure to include that in our announcement post on Monday. I'll also talk about that a bit on the project website


It would be great if there were just a bit of formatting in #write_as -. . you know, like Markdown? The very plain very vanilla approach is a bit spartan for me . . I'm used to producing documents, not streams of 'pure content'.

#Jot_as looks a little more interesting . . I would be very glad to see the back of Evernote. Though there too, formatting matters. In the kind of work I do, writing without formatting isn't writing. Posted a comment on this at

@mike_hales @write_as Thanks for the input, that's great to know! does support Markdown though :) And MathJax, if you enable it in your blog settings.

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