Developing themes for @write_as / @writefreely has always been a bit of a pain. I've gotten used to working around the limitations, but I always wanted to make the process accessible to more people.

Today I'm finally releasing 🐴 CSShorse, a tool for editing themes and previewing your work in real-time, with your real blog. (Based on @htmlhouse.)

This is very odd... One of my instances says for an entire domain: "delivery is not available," while another Mastodon instance says the same domain can be delivered to. 🤔

Following doesn't work from the "domain undeliverable" Masto instance. I don't think there's any moderation-related reason this domain would be marked this way. So what would cause this? cc @Gargron

Made more progress on my weekend project, a tool for generating images like this for social media.

Right now, it's an open source command-line tool written in Go, with a few configurable options. You can find the AGPL-licensed code on GitHub and start using it now!

Working on a small tool to generate an image from a bit of text, made especially for any WriteFreely-based blog.

Basically, you'll use this to highlight something you wrote along with your blog URL, so you can then share it to Pixelfed or Instagram.

Now when you @-mention a @funkwhale profile from a post, you'll land on the right page!

Recently fixed here:

Here are some thoughts on @write_as features like email subscriptions that haven't made it into yet, the modular product design we're aiming for, and how we're trying to keep WF accessible to writers around the world.

We've got all the basics there, but there's still plenty of design questions to answer as far as team structures, how granular permissions need to be, and how to make this work across all of our composable projects.

We're keeping everything on for now so we can iterate faster and worry less about wrong assumptions. But when it's ready, we'll bring it into to give everyone the same ability to create collaborative blogs.

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Nice, apparently now will notify someone of a mention when receiving an `Update` activity!

Just updated this page to mention my Masto account ( and got this notification.

New idea for : linked mention support for non- platforms like Twitter.

This is a common pattern you see in the : "RT". Of course, Twitter doesn't speak AP. But why not at least bridge the gap for users and link to the profile?

Those are my ideas behind this latest pull request:

Starting to work out the details of a commenting system for @write_as / . Core ideas:

- Public or private replies
- Necessary friction for the comment-writer from

v0.12 is just about ready! This upcoming version includes mentions, OAuth support, and plenty of small improvements.

For anyone interested in helping us test out this new version, we've just put out a release candidate for you to try today, and would love your feedback!

On a long train ride, from DC to San Antonio. Apparently I'm in the mood to code for fun this week, because I just added Gopher support in :

Got our postcards in the mail today 😍 Will give these out at next weekend. And stickers!

Added a new tool for reading Medium articles in peace:

You can also grab the article as Markdown -- maybe even publish to !

In Prague this week for ! Looking forward to talking about and other projects the @write_as team is working on.

Hmm, wonder what's going on with these sites... instances with different branding and a suspiciously large number of users / posts 🤔

One is a Posthaven knockoff called Postheaven:

Zen Writing: (nodeinfo:

Write-a-Blog: (nodeinfo:

It's finally here! Version 0.1 of , the federated, open source version of @write_as 🎉

Get the release for your platform here:

Then head over to our guide to get set up:

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