support on was just the first part of what I wanted to create for the :fediverse: Next, I wanted a place to read everything in peace.

Here's just the start of that second part:, built from scratch to be and .

Soon you'll be able to create an account on the instance, and follow platforms like and that federate long-form articles — for now it just needs to be run locally.

@write_as Not familiar with either nor Plume, but people recommended both to me. Any good comparisons you could recommend?

@write_as After searching for 5 minutes I realize it's a bit of a dumb question since they seem to be two different products. Thanks for providing us with alternatives to Medium, among others! o/

@tim Yep! Glad to do it. Different products with slightly different goals, but both compatible with the fediverse (e.g. Plume: @BaptisteGelez and @blog)

@write_as is Write.As still going to be self-hosted sometimes in future?

@groosha Yep, that's still planned before the end of the year.

@dhasenan Absolutely. The goal is to have a reading platform that works with several open protocols


So, if we are doing the 'like existing services, but federated' idea, would be similar to Feedly. Correct?


@RussSharek Bingo. And besides federation, it'll be a little different by letting you curate posts on a public profile (for those who want to).


@RussSharek Glad you think so :) I thought it'd be interesting, and useful in a bunch of new ways.


In addition to curating a feed. It might also be worthwhile to be able to curate a list of links, like


@RussSharek Great point! I'm sure that could all be done on top of ActivityStreams / ActivityPub too

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