As we get closer to the release of we want to know: what's most important to you in a self-hosted blogging platform? What's missing in the others you've tried? In what ways would you use a simple, federated one, like what we're building?

There are more than one necessary:

* Easy to write
* Easy to publish
* Easy to organize
* Easy to back up and restore
* Secure

These are requirements, mind you. To be lacking in one of the above would make it unacceptable.

Additionally, I'd pretty much like if it also were:

* Capable of being styled

@rick_777 Thanks! 👍 We do have all of these finished already (including per-user styling built into the web UI), as seen on

But is there anything in particular you'd like to see with organization? Today it's done with hashtags (e.g. Would you want something else?

For blogging, I need dates and an archive functionality so that I can browse earlier entries not just by link, but also by date (i.e. search by month/year). A visual tree of years/months in an "earlier entries" section in the sidebar would be perfect.

My rationale is that without a calendar and search functionality, blogs would also become ephemeral, and get lost in a sea of entries. (This is more relevant for sites like reddit, but is also needed for blogs, IMO)

And as a wishlist, adding "categories" (beside hashtags) would be nice, so I can add entries for math, computer security, etc without needing to have a blog for each.

Styling subcategories like a magazine would be awesome, BTW. But it's a plus.

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