I made up my mind: I will no longer attempt to contribute to or promote .

After a few days I cannot get any specific information why one of my features was reverted :

This is the last straw after:
➖ missing dev documentation
➖ paywalled -dev discord channel
➖ unclear requirements
➖ loads of bad communication.

I respect the maintainers for what they have created so far, but I will not waste any more of my time trying to help.

I respect the argument that "any free software project is a toy of its creator". I also understand that this means that is by no means a mature alternative to any social media platform.

If it's to grow, we need a community to get behind it. We need a design team. We need maintainers focused on the code and ones focused on getting new contributors, onboarding them and making sure they stay.

I can gladly pay for that. I don't want to donate to the project in its current state.

@alxd there are communities who fork for similar reasons

@alxd that is kinda exactly the sentiment that started

@alxd I can recommend this talk:…

They criticized the "hero" mentality in many open source projects, where mostly a single person is the leader - instead of having a group mentality with no real leaders at all.

@heluecht Sounds really good, but... how do I listen to them? The audio link seems broken.

@alxd There should be some recording somewhere - but I have to look for myself as well.

@alxd I believe that I gave you all the information about why the feature was reverted. If something is wrong with a feature that was not discovered during initial review, it must either be fixed, or reverted, and it can be reverted, and then fixed.

I told you what specifically was wrong with it: long strings causing line breaks that overlap with other text below. Problem being not the long strings, which are expected, but the layout behaviour of overlapping. You can use any string to test it.

@Gargron yes, and I asked how long the strings can be? I tested this locally on a few browsers and I couldn't find a situation in which this looks bad.

Also, can you please show me a screenshot and define what is "bad" for you? I don't want to guess and spend a few hours working on a pixel-perfect situation only to learn you consider it not enough.

@alxd The developer documentation is here:

Anyone can request an invite to the Discord channel for free.

@Gargron can you put this information in the documentation as well?

Also: the dev documentation is there after I bugged you for some time to create it. You deleted the old one leaving no people no info on how to start and where to seek help.

@alxd Well, the old documentation is still up, I did not delete it. And yes, I have added and improved the documentation based on your requests! Without someone asking, I do not know which questions need answering.

@Gargron I can understand all this works as a "minimal social effort" for you since you don't consider yourself a community manager here, but this is no way of _leading_ a growing free software project.

You need to put community first if you want people to come and stay. Otherwise it's just you playing a hero under more and more stress, until you get burned out.


I don't know what's the problem, but

Certainly admire guts shout out!


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